Synergy Solar Panels is proud to service residential customers and optimize their homes with this natural energy implementation. Solar panels are a great way of reducing electric bills and getting Federal Solar Tax Credit incentives for their initiatives on helping the environment. This “green” trend that solar panels have become, also helps to increase your home value and attract buyers if you plan on selling your property.

We first start with an energy audit to help identify the areas where you spend most of your electricity. We will not only recommend the best approach for installation and product usage, but also create an energy savings plan to reduce the electricity consumption and bill.

We service:

Rural Areas

Metropolitan Areas




Mobile Homes

These are a few questions our representatives will ask to better determine if solar panels installation is right for you:

How big is your roof?

Which way does your roof slant? Is it shaded?

What angle does your roof have?

What type of roofing do you have?

How old is your roof?

Other questions to consider and should ask our representative are:

Buying Vs. Leasing Solar Panels

State Incentives available

Financing Companies available

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Installation Solar Panels Company

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