Start saving Today!

Start saving Today! This new form of energy will not only save you money, but also the environment. How? By reducing the carbon dioxide emissions that utility power produces. Clean energy is the new way to go.

Increased Home Value

Top Performance Guaranteed- There is a 20-25-year warranty for this new type of energy. The real lifespan of solar panels is 30-40 years of optimized performance.

Increased Home Value- Due to its benefits, solar panel homeowners sell faster and at a higher price than utility electricity properties. The attractiveness and advantages of homes with solar panels is a huge selling point in today’s market

Incentives & Low Pay-Back Periods

Solar panel installation can be financed! Many well-known companies offer this opportunity. Owning Vs. Leasing Solar Panels? Ask our experts which option best suits your needs. It also provides incentives with the Federal Solar Tax Credit which allows you to get back 30% of your investment of both equipment and installation.

Synergy Energy

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Synergy Energy is Florida’s leading solar panel installation contractor. For many years we have serving customers throughout all of the beautiful state of florida. There are many solar energy companies in florida, but nobody goes the extra mile like we do. looking for a solar system for your home residential, or commercial property? Then call synergy energy and see why we are florida’s best solar energy company.